Yummy For Every Tummy Bakery strives to create opportunities for our customers to connect with others through our baked goods. We see our product as a catalyst for enhancing our customers lives.

We are located at 734 Philadelphia Street Indiana, PA.

Our hours are:
Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 7pm
Friday – Saturday 10am – 8pm

You can reach us at (724)471-4007 or orders@yfet.net!

We specialize in Vegan and Gluten-Free treats.  We also will work with you to create a delicious treat around your dietary needs.

We pride ourselves in keeping a very clean and safe work environment to prevent cross-contamination.  We make this possible by following these guidelines:

  • Separate Ingredient Containers
    • For example, cocoa powder container for GF only
  • Never bake GF and non-GF in the oven at the same time
  • Wear gloves and change after
  • Separate GF and non-GF Workstations
  • Wheat Flour kept away from GF Flours
  • Follow approved cleaning and sanitizing procedures (Serv-Safe + Great Kitchens)
  • Use as many certified GF ingredients as possible
  • Separate sanitizing buckets and cloths
  • Use a lot of hand tools
  • Hand mixing for most recipes
    • Easier to clean and better end-result